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Exercises in belonging
Open Stage-Open Air, Srinagar Biennale- Basel Node, Basel, Switzerland 

Exercises in Belonging

In a series that has become an ongoing inquiry into locations, rituals, and strategies of belonging, I engage in acts of uttering, unraveling, wrapping, and moving in order to probe the embodiment of longings and ideas of belonging. The ritualized acts that characterize various iterations of the performance draws from personal narratives, memories, and mythologies that are often embodied by a migrating body in the process of imagining belonging. The oscillations between a constant sense of longing and acts of belonging define the state of displacement that humans are going through on an unprecedented scale in recent times. This performative inquiry tries to visualize the embodiment of such oscillations.

Exercises in belonging
Festival Contre le Racisme 

Freie Universität

Berlin, Germany


In the second iteration, a seemingly normal-looking act of a picnic turns into a performative assertion of a displaced body. The picnic bag turns into a repository of materials that vectors various aspects of the performer’s identity as a globalised body lost in transit. The accumulation of locations on the body of the migrant body that goes through cities and thus multiple grades of precariousness is brought forth in the performance that is set in the context of the Festival Against Racism at Frei University, Berlin.

For a migrant body, an act of picnic is an act of assertion, a claiming of belonging. In a city like Berlin that has an increasingly large migrant population, the act of gathering of non-white bodies in the public spaces and designated picnic areas is a methodical assertion that goes beyond the institutionalised and often patronising process of assimilation.

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Exercises in belonging/Unheimlich
with Mo'Halla

Performing Tangier

Tangier, Morocco

Screenshot 2022-03-11 at 14.14.41.png

Unheimlich- Penelope
Production Still from video

with Mo'Halla

Performing Tangier, 
Tangier, Morocco

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One to two to three and four
How many breaths have you counted?

As many as the waves of the sea...
As many as the sands of the shore...


How long is long?
How long is long enough?
How long is long enough to long?
How long is long enough to long enough?
How long is long enough to long enough to know enough?
How long is long enough long enough know enough to belong enough?

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