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Indelible Inklings

Ink on Fabric


Indelible Inklings 

was drawn on the fabric with ink as a reflection of the responses to the CoVID-19 pandemic and the colossal mismanagement at the hands of governments which lead to tragic human losses. 

During the pandemic, India witnessed a sheer reduction of humans to bare-lives that seem to be required only to vote governments to power.

Indelible ink is the ink that is used to mark the "voted" status on the index finger of the voter. 

This work is part of a series of drawings on fabric and further assemblages which talk about the crisis in India faced by the democracy and the constitutional project which is meted out by the authoritarian government of the day. 

User Manual of the Largest Democracy


Mixed media

Celebrate, Illuminate, Rejuvenate the Constitution of India at 70


Jawahar Bhavan, New Delhi

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